Grade 6

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

What is a home? A home is a place where people live and grow.

But, what is a home?

A house is a structure constructed of bricks, wood, and cement. A home is a house but made of family, love, happiness, and compassion, comfort, somewhere you can be yourself.

But what makes a home a home?

Anything can be a home to you, it might not be a building or shelter.

It can be anywhere, like your Grandma Gertrude’s house, or the beach, maybe its school.

Home might be when you’re with someone you’re close to.

Like your best friend Sarah, or your brother whose name is Johnathan but you call him Bronathan because brother and Johnathan makes Bronathan.

Home Might be a Smell.

Like your mother’s perfume or the smell of your Grandma Gertrude’s old furniture in her house, maybe it’s the smell of her cookies.

Maybe home is a certain feeling.

Like the feeling of warmth or maybe it’s the feeling of the cold air. It could be something different than the temperature. Maybe it’s being inside on a cold, rainy night and hearing the raindrops hit the roof, while your parents make warm chicken noodle soup to warm you up.

Maybe it’s the taste of something, like your parent’s warm chicken noodle soup.

To me, home is family