Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Defining the meaning of home is much more complicated than what it seems. For the meaning of home could simply be the exact definition in which the explanation would only be that a home is where one lives permanently. In my opinion, the meaning of a home isn’t the four walls around me or the roof above my head, but instead a place where you feel loved. A home does not need to be a house nor an apartment nor a cottage nor a cabin, but rather somewhere in which you feel comfortable. For some without a house, places like Mustard Seed in Calgary, where others volunteer to help them without expecting anything in return could be where the definition of a home shines brightest. Or for others with religious beliefs could feel that church is their true home, because they feel the presence of god and are comfortable to speak their mind. Or for me, home could be any place I feel the love of my family, friends and pets. Sometimes when I am away at camp and feeling homesick, all it takes is a call to my mom to take me back home.