Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is a beautiful place to have so much fun with your family and friends. Home can mean a lot to people in a lot of different ways. For me home is a place where I can feel alive, where I can pray with my family. I love my family but when I need my space to be alone I’m able to go to my bedroom. Whenever I think about my home where I can keep warm and be safe I start thinking about other people. I mean it must be really hard for the people who are homeless. 35,000 people become homeless everyday. Whenever i see somebody who’s homeless I always ask my mom or dad if we can give them some money. Everytime my mom and dad say “No. We don’t know what they will spend the money on. They can spend it on drugs or alcohol.” I usually don’t listen to them when they say that stuff because I want to help that person out. I’m really grateful for my home but I think I don’t deserve to live there. I always think that other people who need a home should live here. I also think that people who haven’t been adopted yet deserve to have a family. Just so they know how it feels to have a family and to have a nice home. My home is really nice and I know my mom and dad spend a lot of money to keep their houses. So I’ll always love my home and I’ll try not to wreck the place. The end.