Joash Miguel

Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

Having a place to call your home
is a blessing on it’s own.
Whether it is a fancy chateau,
or a modest shanty on a plateau,
That is a place where I can be safe,
where I know I can live without a scratch on my face.
Where family and friends unite and embrace,
they will always have a smile on their face.
Where I am nice and warm near the fireplace.

Home is more than just a place,
it’s a feeling within that’s found deep in our skin.
Where memories both new and old unite and are told.
Where I can stand up, be brave and be bold.
Where I know there is love
cause God the father is looking from above.

But there are children who don’t have home
and they just wander off and roam.
I hope they will have a home to call their own.
I know they feel bad and I feel sad,
without a home.
Maybe this poem will enlighten someone
and could find ways to give home to one.

By: Joash Revisado