Grade 6

British Columbia

meaning of home

Jan28, 2019

The Meaning of Home

Snow, rain, wind, lightning, the world is unpredictable. Can you imagine that some people have to deal with these elements without a home? A home is more precious than pearls, gold, or gems.

People who don’t have homes, dream of a safe refuge. People who do, want big fancy mansions – sometimes for the wrong reasons.

We should learn to be thankful for our shield against an unforgiving world, because home is a place which you share with the people who care about you. No matter how big or small your family, home is where you are all united by love, and home is where the heart is.

When the howling storm tears down everything in its path, even the roof of your house, it can never destroy home because home is not just a building, it is a piece of your heart that no silly hurricane can destroy.

We should be thankful for our home, no matter its size because it is our little heaven on earth.