Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home: home is somewhere to love and to be loved.
Home is more than a roof or a welcome mat at the door.
Home is where anyone who comes feels welcome, secure and accepted.
Home is a supportive, extraordinary place to be free and safe.
Home is where everyone’s opinion matters.
Home is a place to be happy; home is a place of fun.
Home is an amazing place filled with hope and joy.

Home is where I have love and support to achieve my dreams.
Home is where I go when I have a bad day, and when I walk through the door, I couldn’t feel better.
Home is where I can spend time with the people I love and cherish more than anything on this planet.
Home is where I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that I have this place to go to.
Home is a magnificent place to learn and where I can do homework with parental support.
Home is a place where I can talk to my parents.
Home is somewhere that I can play with my dogs or ride in the woods with my horse.
Home is where I celebrate birthdays and throw pool parties.

Homes are few in some countries, and I am so lucky to have a roof over my head every day.
Home is a place with electricity and comfort that so many live without.
Home should feel safe, but some people don’t have safety in the home they come back to.
Home doesn’t exist for around 150 million people in the world.
Home isn’t an option for around 150,000 people in Canada using homeless shelters each year.

Home to me is so special and relaxing, it’s where I can truly find my happy place.
Home is like surfing a wonderful wave.
Stop, and appreciate.
Understand, and recognize.
Relax, and find calm.
Free, to be me.
~ Stop Understand Relax Free~

What does home mean to you?