Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Home is a wonderful place to go.
Home is where family and friends are.
Home is a place for living, for laughter and a place to have fun.
Home is where you have parties.
Home is a shelter and a safe place to stay.
Home is sad happy at different times or maybe even at the same time.
Home is warm like a fire it is warm in the winter.
Home can be cool like a cool shower in the summer.
Home is comfortable.
Home has a big meaning.
The things that it holds have a story behind it whether it is small or big old or new it still has a story.
A home has a story of the lives it holds.
Home is lots of things that everyone needs to have.
Home is family wrapped in a blanket.
Home has the right amount of privacy.
Home is a place for rest.
Home is a place to call your own.
Home is a place to do whatever you want.
Home is a place to read.
Home is a place to be creative.
Home is a place to be active.
Home protects you.
Home is where you sleep.
Home is where you are awake.
Home is a place to stay.
Everyone should have a home.
Home is great.
If I were without a home I would be very sad.
Homes can be fancy or it could be ordinary either way it’s yours.
A home is a home through and through no matter what.
Everyone should have a home.
I love my home I don’t know what I would do without it.
I hope H4H helps many people throughout the years.
When I look at my home I think of all the memories I have had in it.