Grade 4


Meaning of Home

All about home
I will tell you about…
Why home is important
Why home is special
Why I love my home

Why home is important
To have a home is very important because that is where you live. If you did not have a home you would be homeless, you would be living outside for the rest of your life. Another reason why home is important is because you will be very safe inside. When you are at home you have all the things you need, like: Water, Food, Shelter, and Happiness.
Why home is special

Home is special because every home is not the same your home is going to be different from everyone else’s. If everybody’s home was the exactly same that would be extremely boring. Because in that kind of case nobody’s home is going to be unique or special. That is why we all have different home’s.

Why I love my home.
I love my home because my whole family lives there with me. I really love my family because they are caring, loving, and gentle. I also love my home because I have lots of fun. I can watch TV and Invite friends for sleepovers. I Have food and water and everything I need to be as happy as I can be.