Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Homes are very important to our lives. They can help with many things in life, like health and safety, but the true meaning of a home is when you have a feeling of warmth inside and out. It’s where you should feel grateful and hopefully have everything you like, for example: food, drinks and maybe some company if you have family or friends that could come over. Homes should be made to be secure, with windows that open and shut and heaters to keep warm. In a home you should feel safe and love your home. You should feel lucky no matter if it’s small or big. The meaning of a home is love and safety because homes are supposed to keep you safe as well as sheltered and having the feeling of comfort. If you have something that you love and will make you feel special then that’s called a home. You should have a bed in a home with a kitchen, bathroom and maybe a small living room. If there were any major weather situations then a home should provide everything you need to keep warm or cool. You have to feel at home.