Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of home

Home is a place everyone needs,
It’s all full of love and lots of good deeds.
Home is a place where you join family and friends,
It’s a place where love never ends.
Home is a place I never want to leave,
Its where I gain trust and all my believe.
Home doesn’t just mean sleeping on a bed,
Or being comfy, warm and being fed.
Home is a really special place for me and you,
I really hope you think your home is as special as i do.
Home is a place where all the beauty happens,
I don’t just mean fancy table top crown napkins.
Home is a place where all of us live,
You should be grateful and always forgive.
Our houses are made of bricks and beams,
But homes are made of love and dreams.
Home is a place I love with my heart,
Because that’s where everyone’s life will start.
All I wanted to tell you is that home is something free,
And that home really means a lot to me.