Grade 6


Meaning Of Home


Home is where we cherish our memories and hold on to them for centuries.
home is where we laugh and play;
and keep going our own way.

Home is where my heart gets larger;
and my love grows stronger.
home is a place where we stay safe;
and where we never feel contained.

It’s a place where we can be ourselves,
and never feel left out.
a house is where you live,
but home is where you love.

You can buy a house, but never a home;
a home is a special place that can never,
be replaced. Home is where good things grow,
and a place you will not let go.

Home is not a fantasy its a meaning,
of joy and laughter; its a family staying
safe for one another. A family can be pretty small
and still, have a huge heart, and that makes that house
they live in, a home.