Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Home to me is being with your family and your loved ones like your friends and family. When I am around them I feel like I can be myself and all crazy like how I really am when I’m not in public. When I am home I feel like I am being loved and we are together as family even if they are just friends. I can be comfortable around them because there is nothing to worry about. I feel safe around them and I don’t need to be stressed because they care and I care about each other. It makes it easier to communicate, and also way easier to let your feelings out because your family won’t make fun of you. I can trust everyone I am around with secrets and they can trust me because we all are trustworthy. It usally is very peaceful because you don’t have to worry about anything. I can be happy sometimes but I can be sad also even when I am with my family and friends. As long as I am being cared about and am being loved I am home. That is what home is to me, spending time with my family.