Grade 5


Meaning Of Home

The meaning of home, or what I think of as home, is family. Home is where you feel comfort, happiness, secure, and many others feelings. Some, or most people, think of home as just a house, or where a person lives. Yes, it is that, that’s not all. A home is someplace to feel safe. It could be a property that has been passed down from ancestors or a newly built one, it doesn’t matter essentially, what does matter is, you feel secure, happy, not alone, in a home. Often you live with family.

Family is a big part of home. With family, you feel love, and support. You feel warmth, and hope when you’re in a bad time, or a family member is. Feelings are also a big part of home. A home is where you feel happy and secure, you should never feel in danger or unloved in a home. There are many people out there with no place to call home, they may have a house, but they feel dangered, or unloved. As for Habitat For Humanity, and other organizations, they provide homes for people, and families, who don’t have hope in their lives.

Everyone should have a safe and secure place that they can call home. Not just a house, but a home. People are living in unsafe, and unsanitary environments. A home should also be, comfortable, and clean. Having a home is very essential to living a healthy life. If you don’t have a home to live in you often will get unhealthy because you don’t have the comfort and security a home gives. This is what home means to me.