Grade 5

Grande Prairie

Meaning of Home

One day there was a man that had no home he was living by costco under 4 trees.all he had was a shopping cart and it was filled with stuff like, a garbage bags, cardboard,3 markers, bottle, an old bike that is broken,3 shirts 2 pants 2 socks and 1 hat and a winter jacket.And that is all he has. He always wanted a home so each time he got 50 bottles he would go to the bottle depot.he gets 10 dollars each time he has 500 dollars. With 100 dollars he bought new clothes in one year he gets 1000 dollars but he wastes it on food and water.so now with the 1000 dollars he going to use 200 for food and water and there is a trailer that is 750 dollars.so one day he made 200 bottles and he dumped all of his stuff and covered it with branches and leaves and put all of his bottles in his shopping cart and went to the bottle depot to get the money. He got there and he made 500 dollars and after i 5 months he made 300 bottles and right now he has 500 dollars and so after he counted his money he went to the bottle depot and made 600 dollars he beat his record with money he made 1150 dollars so he is going to by a house and a phone and maybe some furniture so one day he went and bot a house and some furniture and a phone then he got a job and then he became famous and he became a billionaire and he was never homeless ever again.he became a dj he felt safe at home.