Grade 5


Meaning of home

Home is not just lots of walls and doors to me, home is where
I feel like I can do anything. The photos that I have under my bed ,the memories that I have in my house and I love when I come in the house and my mom smiles at me. Home is where
My family gathers together and are always happy. When I’m home I never fell like I don’t belong there, home never gets old. Sometimes I fell like home is where my family is. So at first I thought home is just where you are warm and safe but it’s so much more than that. For some people home is where there friend are but for me home I’d where my family is and the good memories that I have there. Home should be a place that when you come back from school or work you just want to be home and be with your family and friends. When I was coming from Iran to Canada, I thought I will never be home again but now I have a new home.
I love my home