Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Home to me is having a family. My home has so much food. My home is China. The food in China are noodles, shrimp, spring rolls, fish, and dumplings. There is one drink called the pearl milk tea and it is my favorite. They are also more parks and are pretty sites. There are also super tall buildings, one famous building is called Dong fang ming zhu or called the Orient Pearl Tower. It is made of glass inside, and if you go all the way up and look down, it will look like you are floating. When I first went up I was super scared, I looked down and I shattered. I was so shocked how tall it is. Soon I know how tall it was, I was not scared anymore. It was kind of fun and had a good view through shanghai. Shanghai was not all the cities I went to, I drive city to city because my family are all around China and the cities are near each other. Sometimes we stop in the scary wilderness but I am not scared because I know that my home is a safe place most of the time. I see most of my relatives, and I understand my home more. My home is one of the best place to stay!