Grade 5


Meaning of Home

When someone asks you, ‘’What is a home?” the first thing that probably pops in your head is 4 walls and a door. NO! That is a house. A home is where you feel welcomed and you know that there are people that have your back. You know that no matter how naughty you may sometimes be your family loves you.
Your family might get mad at you but still you know that deep down inside them they still love you. Everything you do your parents will assist you, whether you do your homework, or not they still got your back. At home you can feel any emotions you want. You can fulfill your dreams, and you know that your parents will support you. At home you can feel happy in everything you do. At home you can feel warm with the fireplace on, watching a movie with your family and eating popcorn, just like my family does every Saturday night. You can play around and have fun. You can play with your brother, or sister. Or if you don’t want to play, then you sit down, relax and read. Then when the day is done you float away to your dreams and know that your protected from whatever could be happening outside. Then the day will be gone and a new day will start. You will know that you are always protected.
Now I send it over to you. When someone asks you, “ What is a home?” don’t think 4 walls and a door. Think about whatever you want, any emotions and share it to everyone you know.