Grade 5


Meaning of Home

What does home mean to you?
For me all the things that home means to me is
a family that sits together, laugh, and does all the things together.
Home is a place where you can do anything
such as play, read in peace and colour or paint.
Home is where you can get cozy and relaxed
like watch T.V or do something else.
In a house you are always secured
because of your parents
that always are trying to protect you from everything.
Home means where you are always included in things,
such as, eating, playing something and laughing.
A family is where there is joy,
you celebrate festivals like
Christmas, Thanks giving and New year.
Home is where you fight but you come back together again
as a happy and perfect family.
Home is where you
spend time with your family on the carpet.
Home is a special place, because home is everything.
It is where you can laugh, do anything peacefully and it is a dreamful place.