Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home. It’s not just furniture, 4 walls, a floor and some doors. No! A house is something we should all have.
Home is a place where you can walk through the door and see your pets missed you. You can feel love rising. My pets are like that my cats’ names are Kylo and Rey and my dogs, names are Inky and Zuzes. Home is a place where no one should be hurt even their feeling but if they are, we will forgive each other and be happy like how our family was made. My house wants me not to be afraid of who I want to be, and our houses will let you as well. My house wants to help little animals like rabbits to not die of hunger, so my house well let them eat his grass. My house well defends no matter how big danger is, are house well save us all when we are lost are house well give us support to us so we can see the greatest gift of all time once again. We shall thank habitat for humanity because they work for us to have a home. We will all have a home because we are important, and kind so you deserve a house trust me we will all have a place to call home together.