Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Everybody has a home but in different ways. Some people live in apartments, others live in condos and houses. No madder who you are we all have a home.
A home to me is a place where you can make funny and unique memories like making funny jokes. You could even create new ones too, like the time when me and my family were on our way to our campsite and my brother started talking but he was still asleep. Home to me is a loving but crazy place. I say this because every morning before school my brother is in the bathroom for 20 min and I can’t do anything, but I still love him. Home is a place where I can come home to my family and spend time with them like watching a movie in the living room. At my house my family cares for me. like when I fall and scrape my knee and my sister dramatically tells my mom “oh my goodness mom Alex scraped his knee! Just in case you didn’t know I was actually fine. Home to me is a safe place because I know I can do what ever I want like playing in the back yard with my sister and feeling safe.
Home isn’t just place where you live it’s the family that surrounds you.