Grade 6

Indian Head

Meaning of Home

I’ve been dreaming, dreaming of a house to call home. A cozy fireplace so I could cuddle with my mom. My dad left; mother is now losing hope… I’m not sure what is going to happen. We’re on a sidewalk, begging for money. We don’t get much, but in the morning, we’re heading to the closest gas station. We will be buying food and water.
Mother and I have woken up, we are going to the gas station now. Mother stayed up late last night and got a total of $14.65. We should be able to buy some snacks and water.
We arrived and there is a poster… ‘Habitat for Humanity’. Mom sent me to buy our food, she is reading the poster now. Mother sat me down at a sidewalk again, but this time left…
Someone is approaching me, who is it? Oh my, mom came back!! She grabbed me and we left in a rush. Now I see a large group of people. There shirts say, ‘Habitat for Humanity’. What was that poster about…? Mom just told me what the group was about, they are going to build our home! To get our home, we must put in 500 hours, but I’m okay with that if it means I get to live in a house with my mom. Mother is planning for once we get a home. School, job, clothing. friends. I’ve never had a friend everyone makes fun of me. I can’t wait!
The house is done, it’s beautiful. I want to thank Habitat for Humanity for giving my mother and I a home with everything I have dreamed of. I will share many memories with my mom. We will love each other and always remember this day. Thank you, Habitat for Humanity.