Grade 6

indian head

meaning of home

What home means to me.
I love my home for many reasons, not just one.
I love when you look out the window you can see the beautiful sun.
I love the smoky smell coming from the fireplace.
I love my house for many reasons in this case.
I love my couch cause its cozy and it is a super bright red.
I love the feeling of when I lay in my soft and cozy bed.
I love how lucky I am to have a place to sleep.
I love laying in bed and counting sheep.
I love how I have a place to go when I am cold.
I love all the stories my kokum has told.
I love the life I get to live.
I love the gifts I get to give.
I love the roof my parents pay to be over my head.
Once again, I love my bed.

I hate the fact that people sit on the street freezing and cold.
I hate how they have nothing to be behold.
I hate how some people are treated like trash because of their looks.
I hate how some people get treated like a monster from kid’s books.
I hate how some are ungrateful for not having the new phone.
I hate how some are outside cold and alone.
I hate how some survive on the streets.
I hate how some have nothing to eat.
I hate how some kids sit outside and starve.
I hate how some people only have a broken heart to carve.

I hope people understand what home means to me