Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Home is a very special place to everybody nomatter, what your home is like. It’s a place where everybody is included in games and lots of other activities.
When I get home from school, I go to the kitchen and let my dog out and the first thing I see is him whining with joy to see me. In a home it’s peaceful, nobody fights, but if we do, we forgive and go back to loving each other. In everybody’s home they have coziness, like when you snuggle up on the couch watching a show on your T.V. or, if it’s when you sit down with your whole family at the end of a long day. Homes are where you make new friends and get together with old friends.
Everybody’s home is different. Some live in small houses, some live-in big houses, while others live in apartments or condos. But it doesn’t matter what your house looks like, it’s the people that matters.