Grade 5

Grande Prairie

Meaning of Home

Meaning of home

Definitions of a happy home

people live with their family,and pets
Where you go to be safe and warm
Where you go to be happy
Where you can cry without being judged and laughed at.
Where you get hugs and kisses
Get help and love where
Where people can play with you
And care for you with all their heart

Why I feel safe at my home
My home feel safe because if someone was being rude my mom would make me feel better. i’m safe because I get disciplined and have friends to play with and birthday to celebrate with my whole family. and my parents lock the door at night they give me a bandage if I get a cut and if I get a broken leg they take me to the doctor or something like that .I also get education and love and friends and stuff like that and we also foster kids that’s why are house is so safe we also have food water and care.