Grade 6

Listowel Ontario

Meaning Of Home

Meaning Of Home
Home is very important. It is a place where I feel comfort and happiness. Usually home for me is a place where you can just relax. But sometimes their fights that does not make home feel all that great.
Home is very important because of all the great memories we spent together. But some of those memories aren’t good ones which kind of affects your overlook on home. All though sometimes it is important to have some bad things happen so you can cherish the good things you have.
The thought of home is a good feeling. It makes me feel awesome, about how good my home is. So it makes me feel grateful. I am not sure how anyone would feel if they
didn’t have a home. Which sometimes makes anyone feel bad when anyone does not finish their food sometimes.
My family is the most important part of my home. If my family anyone there when I needed them anyone wouldn’t consider it as a home. Even though we get in plenty of fights, I’ll still love them. And remember every good memory I have had with my family.
So that is what home is. It is a place where you feel like you’re loved, important and feel good about your family. And that’s what value home has to me. That means the most important thing in the world is family and love…