Grade 6


meaning of home

A house is made of bricks and beams a home is made of hopes and dreams.
How is a home different than a house? A house has a front door, kitchen sink, windows and a mouse but a home is where memories are born. Like family game memories. Chess, monopoly, risk and sorry. But don’t forget Christmas time with all the presents and the special Christmas feast for that is only a little bit what a home means to me. You also spend special time with parents/guardians. Like baking, gardening with mom and building, barbequing with dad. Then there’s the outdoors witch I spend with my 29 cats and playing with friends and building big ramps. My best friend and I love to go skateboarding down our street and he takes his phone with and we listen to sick beats! I love to climb trees its really quite fun but when you fall off its not a funny pun! There are still a few things what a home reminds me of just keep reading like you did with the words above. There’s also the neighbors we have lots of fun. Bb gun wars and capture the flag but our parents say, “only outdoors”. But the indoors are also pretty fun with video games like Forza horizon 4, brawlhala and some games with guns. Now you know the difference between a home and a house. A home is a sanctuary and a house, well go to the 2nd sentence.