Grade 5


Meaning of home

A home to me is were the most memories are made,
A place where everyone is loved the same.
A place to share your talents and not be shy,
A place where it is okay to pretend to fly.
And a place to be recognized as who you are,
And a place to be unique.

I feel that everyone deserves a home and we should help make a home for people in need
To me a home is where you accomplish your dreams,
And a place where it’s okay to sail the seas.
A place where the land has existed for many decades,
A place where your imagination is allowed to go through the roof.

A home is a place where a family raised,
A place where there is a beginning,
and there is an end.
A home is a area to play,
And enjoy all of the nature.

A home is special in every way possible,
But not realizing is something else.
In a home you can sleep with good dreams,
But bad dreams may occur.
But, you have friends and family to get your passed your fear.

A home is a place where you are protected from rain and snow,
And a place where the wind will certainly blow.

But, in the end you have a home to keep you safe and healthy.