Grade 5


Meaning of Home

What Home Means to me

Home has meant so much to me. No matter how big or small, home is a place with love, togetherness and helpfulness, forming together.

When I’m loved I know I’m at home. Sometimes I feel loved when I walk through my door with a nice greeting. It’s like our place is made of love. It’s like a never-ending GINORMOUS hug. Home is a place where love is created.

Home is where we spend day and night together. Together we eat at the dinner table, play board games together, sing and dance together (like karaoke). We laugh so hard that milk comes out of our noses! Being together is never ending.>o<

When I'm at home we are helpful to one another like when my brother needs help on a video game level or when my dad needs help doing the garbage. Even when my mom needs help changing the channel on TV, we are there to help. When we are at home we depend on helpfulness.

Because of habitat humanity people can also can do all these things. Because habitat humanity spends hours working on houses for other people!