Grade 4


Meaning Of Home.

Title:Meaning Of Home A Home is a place that you feel safe and comfortable. A home is a shelter that keeps you safe. A home is a place with walls and a roof to make you feel safe and protected. I think a home is made to keep you safe, protected ,warm and have fun. A home is a safe shelter and your property. A home is where you stay. A home is independence, habitat, safety, stability, shelter.

A home is independence and safety. A home is a place that you sleep and eat.a house is just a house but a home is where you live. A home is houses, apartments, condos, townhouses etc. A house is only a house
(a type of home) .

A home is a place you live with/without a family. To me a home is where you can sleep, play and have fun. In a home you can do anything you want. A home is a warm cozy memory. A home is your own place. A home is fun,joy,freedom(ha ha) ,memory, family and a place you like. A home is the best place to you.

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