Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of a Home

A home means everything to me and gives me so many positive feelings. Home is so important to me because I feel as safe as a baby bear. Although I am sometimes annoyed at my brother of most the time I am spending time with family and friends. A home is more than a roof over my head it is a place where you can share your emotions and not be scared. I have two homes but I feel safe and open at both homes.

Both of my homes are two story buildings. At my mom’s home some of my favorite things are the hot tub and my Xbox one. Where at my dad’s my favorite things and rooms are, my room because I have a lot Bobby Orr stuff, a couple other stuff I really like is my Air hockey table and my mini stick room. My mom’s house is blue with a white garage door. My dad’s house is brown with a bright blue door and a beige garage. I have a lot of stupendous stuff at my homes.

My family that I see almost every day at my mom’s includes my dog, my mom, my step dad and my brother. The people that I see almost every day at my dad’s house includes my dad, my other dog and my two billets. I am so grateful to have a great family and beautiful homes.