Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Meaning of home

My home is where my family is
It’s warm, sweet and kind
It constantly shelters me
It’s always on my mind

Home is where I eat and finish my thirst.
Home is where I sleep and get ready for sure.
Home is where I got my name.
Home is where I live my life.
When I sleep in my bed at night
I know I am safe.
I can’t be harmed because I’m in my favourite place.

This is why I love my house.
There are many reasons.
But the number one I love the most Is everything!
I’m lucky to have a bed to sleep
Others just have the ground.

I’m allowed to let my speech go free.
Some can’t make a sound.
Home is unique.
Home is where you go whether you’re feeling strong or weak
Home is a place where you’re with your friends
Home is a journey that never ends
There are days to be shared
And memories made
The love found in a home
Will never, ever fade.