Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is a place where I feel the most welcome.
Home is a place where everyone should come.
Home is the place of my heart.
No one or nothing can tear it apart.

Home is full of love.
The place of a home doesn’t matter, below or above.
At home, there is always care.
To have a home is rare.

Home is where my problems or troubles could be put away.
And where we all obey.
Where I am the safest.
And where I feel the bravest.

At home, there is my family.
Home is where I take everything happily.
Not a place where I feel hate,
Home is best and great.

Home is a place where I am encouraged,
Not discouraged.
Home is where I drink and eat,
I feel bad for those living in the street.

Home is a place where dreams come true,
And where no one is blue.
Home is where I am secure,
The homeless need a place that is pure.

Home is where everyone should be involved,
We have a problem with the homeless that is not solved.
Home is a place that shelters me in the bad weather,
We should help the homeless together.

To me, home is where I play with my friends, family and skipping rope.
Home is where I wish and have hope,
That the homeless will have shelter,
And everyone would be a good helper.

It is sad to think of people who are homeless,
They never felt real happiness.
I am glad to be healthy,
I feel bad for those who are not wealthy.

I am thankful for having my family that makes my house my home.
So every day,
I think everyone should think or say,
I thank god for giving me a home.