Grade 5


meaning of home

To me,home is just not a place that you live in it is so much more.
home is a place where your loved.
A place for you and your family.
A place where you can do anything you want.
No one to tell you what to do.

A place to be happy and share your feelings.
A place to be happy for what you have.
Home is a place where laughter spreads through the rooms.
A place to show that everyone matters.
A place where friends and family reunite.

Where you forget about the past and enjoy the future.
A place to celebrate.
A place to never forget.
Home is a place where memories will never end.
Home is where your family can count on you.
Home is a place where dreams have no limit.

A place to be comforted when pushed into darkness.
To have fun in the sun with friends and family.
Home is not getting happiness it is giving happiness.

Home is a place to be safe.
A place with no put downs.
Home is a place where there is hope.
It is a place of love not hate.