Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of home

Today I am going to tell a little story about my home, the story is about when my family and I had to re do my home, so one day some of our family friends were over and my dad found a big spot of water on the floor but he didn’t quite know what is was from, later that week there was more water but this time it was in the cupboard where are water pipes were, so at this point we knew that are pipes were leaking so then we had to re do are house, we started my taking out the flooring and that took about a few weeks so that was a bummer but we knew that by the end it would look great, so when we were done taking out all of the flooring we started searching for new floors and decorations for my home this took about the whole summer to do it was hard and frustrating but in the end it was all worth it, we are now done with my story so know I am going to talk about what home really means to me, home is love its somewhere I feel safe its somewhere I feel loved and happy its somewhere to be with family and friends and its somewhere to make great memories and have lots of fun with family and friends , thank you for listening to my meaning of home and I hope you enjoyed it