Grade 5


meaning of home

When I hear the word home I think of craziness. Your brothers and sisters are just screaming.Everyone has their own thing to do. Go on the i pad,play with toys,someone throwing a temper tantrum, or cooking for dinner.At home you know your safe with your family.A family is loving and will always care for you at all times.Sometimes a family could have some fun times . It could be very annoying so you want alone time but, if your sad you could talk to your mom or dad. All houses are different some are small, and some are big, some houses are empty with people, and some are crowded. A home is protecting you from the storms and fears. Some people are homeless nothing to eat or are not protected from fears but, a home is just what they need.It ‘s a beautiful place with healthy food,love,and someone to play with.Your family will drive you to school and back. They’ll help you with your homework . With a beautiful home you can do anything you want . A home is made of strong bricks as strong as God’s love.A home is a place called heaven.