Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of home

Meaning of home. When I moved in to my new house from Port Alberni to Comox. Home is where I live. I love my home because its warm and nice. My favorite part of home is my bed because its very cozy.. I wish I was always at my home because I can sleep there in my really comfy bed. I’m always excited to go home because its cold out side and comfortable in my house. The best part about home is that I get lots of food and sleep. My home is the best part of my life because it’s always there for me when I’m sad and tired. Home is the place I live with all the old animals that died like my bunny, and my two fish. Hopefully I will be getting a new puppy in the next few months. My bed is so soft that I get 12 hours of sleep every night! It is like sleeping in clouds. At home I make lots of art and crafts with my big sister Maya. Maya helps me do homework that I don’t know how to do. When I’m sad I lay in the t.v. room and watch a movie with my family and they give me hugs. When I’m not at home my friends give me hugs and it makes me feel more like I’m at home. My home makes me happy and it gives me JOY. Home makes me grateful because I have a place to live. At home I’m grateful for a family that makes me very happy. When I’m with them and my home and whats in it like my gymnastics bar my beam and my mats.