Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of home

Home to me is a place where I feel comfortable, loved, safe, and warm. I have lived in my home for 10 years now and I have made a lot of memories in my home like when I saw snow for the first time and when I had my first ever pet. I have lived in my house for as long as I can remember. Sometimes my mom will say how much she hates our house and how much she wants to move out, and I keep telling her how grateful she should be to have a house, but she still wanted to paint the whole house and redo all the flooring and it took a month to do everything but now I agree that it was worth it. But I love my house I think it is awesome just the way it is. I have friends that live nearby and some family too, I also live in a safe Neiborhood. I am so grateful to have a house and friends and family nearby. Thank you for reading my meaning of home and I hope you liked it.