Grade 4


Meaning of Home

I love my home very much.
Where we start our love is our home.

Home is the best place to relax and do whatever we like to do.
Our family members who really love us, and help us anytime we want.

Anywhere we travel out of our home and are body will move but not our heart.

Home is a beautiful place to live in.
We sleep and play in our nice home.

It is very warm unlike the cold winter outside.
It is like a warm summer instead.

We have some siblings and then we play with them my grandma my mom and my dad also live with me and we have fun. Home is where you feel loved and be safe then the outside world where there are wars.

I appreciate the home I live in and I rather live in a home instead of the outside world.

Home is the starting place for love, hope, and dreams and there is no other place like your home.