Grade 5


Meaning of home!

Home is a place where I can live peacefully and not being worried about anything.I can be safe in my house but I can’t be safe outside my house, in danger where,I can get harmed or murdered.Every living thing needs a home if its even a human or an animal.Home is a place where everyone eats, sleeps in their soft and cozy bed, plays, has fun with their whole family, gets love and learn. Home is a basic and necessary need for every living thing in the world. No one can be homeless for their whole life. A lot of homeless people can die in natural disasters such as a tornado or an earthquake this is a reason why everyone needs a home to live.And in my house, I really love how my family and me sit down have breakfast, lunch and dinner and snacks while watching television. In my house I live with my dad, mom, big brother and big sister with full of joy and love.I have all my good memories with pictures of my family, friends and relatives. I am very fortunate and happy to have a home.I used to think it was easy to live without a home but now I think it’s horrible to live without a house and getting stuff on loan.Without a home it’s horrible to live in summer and winter. I feel blessed to come home after school. It feels amazing to live in a home! The best place I can imagine in real life which exists is my house which I live in. My house is the best. Home sweet home my favourite place to live.My house is the happiest place for me to live.