Grade 5


Meaning of Home

My home

Home is important for so many reasons. My favorite memory at home is when I got to have a birthday party with my family, my grandmas and grandpas came to celebrate. Another favorite memory is when it was storming and we were all downstairs watching TV with my cats. I feel safe and happy in my home. I have two cats, a sister, a brother, and a mom and dad. My fabulous home is the best place to be.

In my home I like to play card games with my brother and my dad. I also play love to play our L.O.L dolls with my sister. Mom and I like to play Shopkins spot it! I use a flashlight to play with my cat Sparkle and I like to bug my other cat Rider when she’s asleep. I love it when my grandmas and grandpas come over. My grandma brings her buns and they are really good! We also like to play card games like Uno and Phase 10 with my grandma. My grandpa likes to play games with us like Checkers and Chess, it’s really fun.

In my room, there is bunk bed in it. I walk up the stairs and climb down behind it. There’s a bucket of toys blocking the entrance so when I’m sitting down and reading nobody can see me! In the porch there’s a little closet by the door to get to the garage. In the closet there are a lot of jackets hanging up and, on the floor, there is a basket full of shoes I like to sit in the basket of shoes and hide in all the jackets. There is a lot of places to hide in my home. That is why it is the best place to best.