Grade 5


Meaning of Home

In my home I have lots of memories in it one of my favorite memories is when I was a little kid playing with cars. Another reason what home means to me is, people live in it and, there important to me because they take care of me. In my home I always play with my brothers games and lots more. Home is a place where I could sleep anytime. Home is a place where you could eat and not get cold. Home is important because it can save you from storms. My home is special because you will never get bored because there’s lots of things you can play with,like playing with a computer, reading a book, playing on the ps4, watching t.v. and a bunch more. In my home, my bed is so comfy you can fall asleep, less than a minute and the blankets make you so warm. When i walk inside my house it smells so good I could smell it all day long. I lived in the same house for 10 and a half years basically my whole entire life. When im, at home I do lots of things I play games, do my homework and, more. Another thing that is special about my home is, whenever I feel boar’d I just punch my punching bag and it’s really fun when I do it. Sometimes I box with my brother he gets boxing gloves and I get boxing gloves and, then we fight but no punching in the face. Those were all the reasons what home means to me.