Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Home is where we grow ourselves so that all our dreams come true. It is a place filled with lots of love, and happiness. A house is just a place with walls, rooms, and furniture. A home is made up of people who you love and care about. A home doesn’t have to be fancy. It is a place where you feel secure, loved and protected.
My home is my mom’s love, my grandma’s cooking, all my
sister’s jokes, and my dad’s motivation. Home is an enjoyable place where you can laugh, live, learn, and have fun with your family and friends.
However, many people around the world are not as lucky to have a home like we do. There are many people living alone with no shelter. They have made the wet, cold streets their home. These people have very few belongings, and wake up each day wondering whether they can get even a little bit of food to eat. There are about 2.2 billion children around the world. About half of these children live in poverty and some of these live in homelessness. There are still many ways to stop poverty and homelessness.

Home is a place where you build strong bonds with your loved ones and make moments that make you feel comfortable and at peace. Home is a place filled with memories. Just like our memories, it is where all our dreams lie. It is a place where we dream about our future and help our dreams become a reality. Whether our dreams are to become a doctor, these dreams begin at home. A house is built with bricks, but a home is built with the bond of a family. Without the love from my home, I wouldn’t have anything.