Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is walking into a cozy space where I can be myself, which means singing my head off and being loud. At home I can cry a river or jump around after good news. Home is where I cherish the good and bad memories and where I know I will have a great childhood to remember. Home is where I snuggle up on the coach and stay up late watching movies with my mom. Home is where I love and know I am loved, where my siblings and I get in fights but then quickly forgive one another. Home is coming back from a bad day at school and seeing my dog’s tail wagging knowing that I’ll have his unconditional love. Home is where my dad teaches me about the past and what’s to come in the future. Home is where we have family gatherings to catch up on all the times we’ve missed, and where we celebrate different kinds of celebrations. Home is where I’ll grow up to be the best version of myself. Although I rush to sports, I know I’ll be coming home to a stable home and a loving family which a lot of people can’t do. Home is where my friends come over and we do all the crazy things together. Home is where I sleep and dream about all the things to come. Home is where I eat dinner and talk to my family about all the things that had happened that day. Home is where I think of all the people who don’t have a home and know that I want to do something about it. A home gives people chances to have a happy life to remember. Home is definitely where the heart is!