Grade 5


Meaning of Home

The Meaning Of Home: How It All Began

One day, eleven year old Bill Winsdy was strolling around the park. I am eleven, turning twelve tomorrow, he thought. What should I wish for? Then, Bill saw a homeless man sitting on the grass. Bill knew at that moment exactly what he wanted. The next morning, Bill’s mom asked him, “so, what do you wish for Billy?”
Bill replied, “mom, the thing that I want most is for all homeless people to have a shelter.” That night, Bill could not stop thinking about the man. When he woke up, Bill gathered up some canned food in a bag and headed back to the park. Soon, Bill found what he was looking for. The homeless man he saw two days ago looked rather sick. He was lying on the grass and could not move. Bill left the bag full of food next to the man. When Bill turned away and was about to leave the park, he heard someone say “thank you”. It was really faint, like the person who said it was about to die. When Bill returned home, he contacted the Canadian government. They said that if he could get two more people to help him, they could build a homeless shelter. Bill gathered up his best friend Jack and his sister Millie to start building a homeless shelter.
During the progress of building the shelter, they ran into some problems like Jack accidentally hammered himself while putting together a table and Millie started crying since she couldn’t get the beds in. But with the help of their parents, they were able to finish building a homeless shelter.