Grade 5


Meaning Of Home

To me, Home is not just 4 walls and one roof, but is an emotion and connection that connects me with my family and my soul. It’s where I get loved the most. It is just home, where I can be myself and not be judged for it. You get love of your family. Everyone is counted and called ‘’unique’’.
Where every individual is appreciated for his/her existence. Home is a place where one feels comfortable. It reminds me of countless memories. The times when you jumped with joy when you scored good grades at school, when you weep in silence when you wanted your favorite toy at the store, when you celebrated festivals with your family altogether. Home is a feeling to me. The only place I want to go back to when I finish my day at school. I feel safe when dark storms are on their way. It is a place I confide into. Home is a heart for me