Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home to me is friends and family, moments we share, and kindness.

My friends and family are the things that make me feel happy, safe and loved. Oops I can not forget my cat and kitten and dog. When i’m feeling down they pick me up and fill me with joy, excitement and laughter.

At home the little moments can evolve into big moments or even massive moments. Every time we go anywhere it affects us so much that we never want to leave. Although we all have rough moments and good moments, it always feels like home .

Love can be respect, kindness and more. My dad shows me love when he plays with me. My mom shows me love when she supports me. My brother, Liam, shows me love when he helps me. Love will always be home.

Home is greatness. With all the help from Habitat for Humanity our community can soon be filled with joy, memories and moments and the same greatness I feel.