Grade 6

Bay Roberts
Newfoundland and Labrador

Meaning of Home

Meaning of home By Clare Hiscock

Home is just not a house,a building that keeps me out of the weather.It means much more to me. You feel safe and comfy and a welcoming place for family and friends. Home is full of happiness,love,and warmth.My family loves me more than anything.We share meals everyday and ask each other how are day is going

Home is where memories are made and where they are developing.My family and I have so many memories together. Everyday you make memories without knowing it. You feel warmth and love when you are in a home. Friends feel welcome when they walk in my home.

When I think about my home I think about my,parents,sister,and my pets. They all make my house a home. Some people in the world do not have a house to live in,but they might just have a place called home. I would like everyone in the world to have a place called home like I do.