Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of home
My home is important to me because I have many emotions and memories there. I remember the time I got my two puppy’s I was so over joyed I was crying. The puppies were so wiggly. There were also times when I felt good for what I did. When my brother and I were 4 or 5 we both wanted to be superman because that’s what we called our dad. We were arguing and got pretty upset. I was older so I let him be superman. I was proud of what I did because he was enchanted he told me that I was the best sister in the world. I also have bad ones when I am crying .in my home I have 2 dogs. I am grateful for what I have a nice house that I feel safe in.

Over the past couple years I have noticed that a building with four walls keeping you safe is not just your home. My favorite place in my house is my room because that is the place where I feel safe. I also love my back yard because we a trampolines and hot tube it is humongous so we have a tone of room to play and run around. I love the home that I live in I am so lucky to have so many interesting places to go.

In my house there are four people and two dogs that I love. My mom, dad, brother, Buddha and Fran they are all very great. I have two bulldogs and they both love to play. My family loves to play outside and read and travel one place Canmore Alberta. No matter what my house looks like or what’s inside it is the people that make my home.