Grade 6


meaning of home

“A house is made with bricks and beams a home is made with hopes and dreams”-Ralph Waldo Emerson. When some people think of home they think of a building but when I think of home I think of a place were you safe and a place where you have shelter but most impotently it’s a place where you feel loved by the people around you.
When I think of home I think of safety. Safety gives me protection from wild creatures outside. Safety gives me security from robbers and pickpockets. Safety gives me defense by keeping people that want to hurt me away from me. So, in conclusion home gives me safety.
When I think of home I also think of shelter. Shelter gives me protection from rain, so I can nice and dry on rainy days. Shelter also provides me with warmth when there’s a snow storm so I can be nice and cozy. Shelter also keeps me cool on hot summer days when it extremely hot. So, home provides me with shelter.
And most importantly it provides me with love. Love provides me with supports me for when I feel sad after something bad happens. Love gives me with warmth on cold winter days. Love gives me care for when I am sick. So, in the end home gives me love.