Grade 6


Meaning of Home

This is what home means to me. Home for me is the heart of my family, it’s where we get together and celebrate on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Home is where we play games like risk, monopoly, battleship, the game of life, speak out, and hearing things. Home is where we build our trust and love and how much we can do for each other. Home is where I build memories, where I grow as a person, and where I get to know myself. Home is where I explore, I can play with my friends, look at nature, and relax with my family. Home is where I get active, where I go for a run, where I ride my bike, where I jog, where I walk, and where I work out. Home is where I calm myself down by listening to music and where my family makes me feel better. Home is also where my Entertaiment is. I have my TV, iPad, phone, speaker, and my PlayStation. My home is where my heart is, it’s a place of love and trust, and also it’s where I live, I laugh, and I learn.