Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of home

I have felt so much emotions inside my home, but the emotion I have felt the most is happiness. Because the meaning of home to me is having fun and being grateful for a roof above your head, and just having has much fun as possible. Some of the times I have felt really great full or happy is, Christmas 2019 because I got computer parts. Another time I felt happy was, Easter, Easter is a great holiday you get to go and find eggs and got so much candy. And the times I have felt so comfortable like in my bed were I can sleep and relax with the furry blankets and the mattress it is so nice. I Like my computer chair the chair is so comfortable I can play games for one hour and still be comfortable.

And I love my two living rooms because you can relax so much that you go to sleep and you can watch a nice relaxing movie on it and can have so family time the last thing I love is the basement you can go down there with my sister Mariah, my dad, my mom and we can build Legos play soccer and have so much fun.