Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of home
To me, home is way more than a building because the home that I live in is where it makes me feel safe because there are 5 people who I live with and they all make me feel safe. Home is a place where I also learned new things like, learning how to talk, walk and a lot of new things. Home I learned how to be more confident and responsible. My home has air conditioning and some people don’t have that. I am thankful for my house because I could sleep in a comfy bed but other people don’t have that. Home is a place where I could eat when I am hungry, my family will cook for me and everyone else. Home always makes me active because there is a place in my house where there is a lot of space for me to do gymnastics. Home is an awesome place to be because my house always makes me feel warm because when it’s snowing outside and I need a place to be warm it’s always in our living room where my family loves to hang out. My living room is the best room because that’s where me and my family love to hang out.