Grade 4



Meaning of home (: by Liam

Hello my name is Liam and I will be writing a paragraph of what home means to me in about 300 words.I hope if I write more than 300 it will not be an inconvenience because I like writing LOTS of writing at once.Anyway
Let’s get to the writing.To me home is not a luxury.It is a right.home is like a warm bed or a dessert after dinner home is an amazing thing home is a thing that we are very lucky to have and we don’t even realise it. Home is a thing that is safe private healthy place that should come with everybody.Home is something that we don’t even notice is special until we think about is.We should open our eyes to see what are home really is and how its special.Everyone deserves a home or at least a place to stay.Every one should be able to have the feeling of home.Not a single soul deserves to not have a home nor have to live on the streets
.The worst part is usually people who do not have a home deserve it the most compared to other people.If we thought about what it would be like without a home then maybe we would be able to help more.I think if we get more grades and people involved i think with each others help we can all change the world for the better.I wonder how different this project would look if the homeless or somebody that got helped by you guys would look. One of the students in my class got A home because of you guys so ill need to talk to him.Oh looks like i’ve reached 300 BYE!