Grade 4


Meaning of Home

What Home Means to Me

Home is like a treasure to me. Home is like the best feeling on Earth. Home means close to the whole world for me. But sadly, some people can’t feel that… feel that warmth. Some people don’t have their own place to feel happy, comfortable and safe in. Some people live out on the streets, shivering and crying in all that cold. When I enter home, I immediately recognize the fresh air and the scent of my home. It is the most wonderful feeling in the whole wide world. When I hop into my bed, I feel so comfortable with the temperature of my home plus my warm blankets. I love when I’m covered with so many blankets inside my home. There are so many great things inside my house that make me very joyful. If I would be able to choose between something very fun or home, I would pick home. When my mom cooks, I recognize the smoke of my stove very quickly, and I smile. Nobody can explain the wonderful experience, feeling or thoughts of home. I would do anything to get home as soon as possible. That is how much I love and care for my home. Home is very precious to me.